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Know The Best Time For Your Marriage From The Best Love Guru

Author: Pandit Ravi Kant Shastri Posted on: July, 31, 2018

Marriages are made in heaven - this is an age old saying and it is actually true. Until the exact time comes, one won't get married. Even if everything is set, your marriage will get postponed due to any unwanted or awkward reason. As per Love Marriage Specialist in Kolkata, all these happen due to the planetary influences on each and every person. These planets control and determine human success, failure, actions, activities considering the particular time of initiating the work.  And the same happens in case of one's matrimonial event. Hence, a Marriage Astrologer studies the horoscopes of the to-be couple and decides the proper time for the marriage.

Marriage Time Prediction

To check the time and the age of marriage of an individual, the Vedic Astrology Marriage Specialist in Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai or any other part of the country or the world practice the same Natal Chart analysis. This analytical study not only predicts the age of marriage but also compatibility between the future couple.  Compatibility test before marriage is one of the biggest pre-marital practices among the Hindus.

What to Look for in Natal Chart

Here we have pointed out the major categories that are checked and studied to identify the planetary positions and marriage prospect. Those are -

The House of Marriage

7th house in our natal chart belongs to the possibilities of Marriage, so, it must be strong, well-placed and not afflicted. Moreover, Venus is the lord of marriages, so, needs to be well-positioned in the chart. Considering all the planetary positions and dasha (time period), astrologers predict early, normal or delayed marriage. 2nd and 3rd houses are also considered as they relate to family and wish fulfilment. Yet another, if Saturn shows its presence in juxtaposition with Venus, obstacles in marriage is predicted. 

Clues from Navamsa Chart

Consisting of 9 blocks, this D-9 chart or the Navamsa chart is helpful in predicting more detailed marriage possibilities. Study of this chart defines much accurate time of marriage and post-marital life. If the Lord Jupiter crosses the ascendant planet in the Navamsa chart, marriage possibilities raise. Crossing the Lord Jupiter is also good for marriage to happen.   

Transits Triggering Marriage

Love Marriage Specialists study the Natal Chart to describe the prospective time and afterlife of marriage.  It also suggests the preventive remedies for any future difficulties in your married life. But, along with the 2nd, 3rd and 7th house positions, the transit triggering marriage prospect is even more accurate and result oriented to predict proper marriage time.       

The Best Time for Marriage

When Lord Jupiter and Lord Venus are come face to face and get involved in a collision great chances for marriage take place. Presence of this collision in the Navamsa chart makes marriage inevitable in the nearest future and also a happy married life ahead. To know more about marriage prediction, consult with Pandit Ravi kant Shastri.

Consult the Best Love Guru

Consult the best Love Guru in India, Pandit Ravi Kant Shastri Ji to discuss your love marriage problems and the reasons behind a delayed marriage. Write to us @ ravikantshastri01@gmail.com and get personalized solution for any marriage and love related problems in India and abroad.  

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