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Know Your Lucky Number From Pandit Ravi Kant Shastri

Author: Pandit Ravi Kant Shastri Posted on: July, 31, 2018

As we all know, our love numbers are crucially influential on our life, personality and relations. If you ask any Love Vashikaran Specialist in England, he / she will explain how it controls our lives. In this article, we will discuss about your lucky love numbers and the common traits of a person under this number.

First, Calculate Your Love Number

So, how to calculate Love Number?

It's really easy. Follow the below process.

We need to write down our birth date in numeric. Suppose it is 17th of October, 1991. So, we need to write it as -

1+7+1+0+1+9+9+1 = 29 = 2+9 = 11 = 1+1 = 2

(Keep on summing digits until it become a single digit)


So, your Lucky Number, or Love Number, or else your Life Number is 2.

Your Love Number Meanings

Here's what our Lucky Number Specialist Astrologer Ravi Kant Shastri Ji explains for you. Let's check out with him.


This love number symbolizes new beginning. If you go under this number, you tend to be an initiator. You can easily approach for a new relationship, but your energy is the biggest contention. Your move towards love is restrained. But, the level of confidence is the biggest plus for you. Don't be queasy to approach for a date; your partner is going to notice your captivating charm.        



You are the king / queen of the Love kingdom. Number 2 is all about love, care, share, unity. Your amazing listening skill is the biggest plus for you.  Moreover, your concern and understanding make you a great partner.  



Number 3 indicates your choice for simple and balanced relationship. You tend to introduce creativity and charm to your love relation. You, along with your partner make and keep the relation exciting.



For the number 4 owners, safety and security are the main focus. There is an aura around the native under this number that emanates stability and strength, and also provides a comfort zone for the partner. Native of this number has better chance to develop a strong, rich, long-term relationship.    



Native of this number is one of the most unpredictable persons. Their love life is full of excitement, thrill, and adventures. If you belong to this number, your relationship may not last as of other numbers, but it's sure you are a true adventurer and your love life is full of activities. You surely won't go for a candle light dinner date, rather river rafting or bungee jumping is better date choice for you.



Ruled by Venus, Number six is the placard for romance. It's all about love, sex and sensuality.



This number is spiritual, intellectual. If both partners share the same, the relation will grow a gem, a highly cerebral relation.



Number 8 deals with the phases, rekindle and recreation of a relationship. It is often hard to find a partner with deep understanding that a number 8 native demand. 



Honesty is the biggest priority for a number 9 native. Ethical, traditional practices as well as innovative concepts in a relation are most appreciated by a native. 

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